Suitable skin and lotion

How Choose body skin lotion, body cream and body butter

Moisturizing and hydrating the skin is very important, but choosing the right moisturizer from all these skin care products is really a difficult task. Body Butter creams & lotions Body Butter are products that are available for body skin care. These products are all made to soften and & moisturize the skin, as well as to maintain the skin's natural moisture and skin care against dryness, cold and extreme heat, and increase skin elasticity.


Which lotion is right for your skin?

The difference between body lotion, body cream and body butter

The word "butter" refers to butters or solid oils, body butter is made from a combination of base vegetable oils and solid oils or vegetable butters (such as cocoa butter and…). There is no water in the structure of the body butter, and this is because they have a thicker texture than other lotions and creams and take longer to be absorbed by the skin.

Depending on the type of body oil as well as the type of skin consumed, a small amount of oil may remain on the skin for a few minutes to a few hours. All body creams and lotions contain ingredients including oils, water and thickeners or emulsifiers. These products may also contain some solid oils. Lotions and creams have a thinner, lighter texture than body butter and are more easily absorbed by the skin. Lotions are lighter and thinner than creams because they contain a higher percentage of water than creams.

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Which is more suitable for our skin?

Which of these skin products is best for your body is exactly what your skin type and your desires are like. Has more. But in general, if your skin is dry because lotions and creams contain more water, they can be a good option for your skin. Lotions are better for oily skin due to their low fat content, while creams are better for dry skin because  butter, balm and body oil have a thicker texture and more time on the skin. Remains, used for dry skin. Body Butterr is used on very dry areas of the body such as the lips, elbows, knees and feet. & nbsp;


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